Should I juice or blend?

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Aside from what juicer do you recommend, the all time favorite question from almost all new juicers is...which is better for my health-juicing or blending? Compare and decide for yourself. After all, your health is your personal choice.


This removes all fiber from vegetables and gives you a direct source of chlorophyll-rich water that doesn’t require digestion

Juicing your vegetables is the best way to hydrate the body and flood it with enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and potent phytonutrients. It's like getting a transfusion of everything good your body can use to generate new healthy cells, and the effects are quite rapid!

By juice fasting, you give your body a physiological rest from digesting food. This allows the body to go into "housecleaning" mode, called autolysis, which is the digestion of damaged, aged cells. Autolysis typically begins on the third day of your juice fast. It’s a total reset!

When you remove the fiber from your produce and drink the plant juices, you allow your body to expel masses of waste on a cellular level. And since you have less obstruction on a cellular level, your body becomes more capable of absorbing the nutrients from food, therefore requiring less food to nourish you.

Juicing is simple. It requires a juicer and 1 to 2 pounds of your favorite green vegetables. To watch a short video on juicing, clickhere.


This technique, on the other hand, allows you to make delicious smoothies. And one of the biggest advantages of this is that they can be super-packed meals that don’t require much energy to digest because the mastication is already done for you.

However, I still recommend you chew your smoothies thoroughly because when you puree a food, you're skipping the pre-digestion step of chewing that allows the enzymes from saliva to be released. Over time, this can tax the body of energy because it requires the pancreas to release extra enzymes to separate the liquid from the fiber and digest properly.

Blending really is a wonderful tool that allows you to get lots of vegetables in that you'd otherwise not be able to eat in large quantities. Even though it will not put your body in a state of autolysis as explained above, by keeping the insoluble fiber, you'll remove excess toxins from the body quickly and effectively.

Blending requires a blender and a half pound to 1 pound of your favorite green vegetables and fruits.

Both have incredible benefits and can incorporated into your lifestyle on a regular basis depending upon the results you're trying to achieve.


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