How is the RAW Bliss Life 3 Day Juice Cleanse different from other cleanses?

At RAW Bliss Life, naturally we believe that our cleanse is the best or else we would not be in business. However, we strongly encourage you to explore other products and find what works best for you. We put time, effort, thought and tremendous care into all of our products. We meticulously clean all of our produce and use the best form of juice extraction (hydraulic cold-press) known to preserve nutrients. You will NOT find our juices sitting on store shelves basically dead through the pasteurization process. Juices that you find on store shelves that have not been made to order and consumed within 72 hours are basically cooked (i.e. pasteurized), dead juice with little to no benefit to your body. Our juices are pressed live, made to order for you and delivered to you fresh.

Are your juices organic?

We strive to use all organic, typically local grown produce in our products.  If there is ever a time where organic produce is unavailable and we are forced to use conventional produce, we take extra care in thoroughly cleansing our produce, greatly reducing the pesticide presence in our products.

Is there an age requirement to cleanse?

We recommend that our cleanses be consumed by those 16 years of age or older with uncompromised immune systems. Juices are beneficial for children and they love our juices but due to the natural state of our juices; those with compromised immune systems like some elderly and very small children are not encouraged to consume.

I am taking medication, can I still cleanse?

Please consult your primary care physician before beginning a cleanse if you are currently taking medication. 

Can I do a juice cleanse if i am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not encourage a cleanse during breastfeeding or pregnancy. However, juice cleansing is a great way to get back on track and replenish your body with loads of nutrients after pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

I love to have a few cocktails or beer. Can I cleanse?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, if indulgence is common for you, you should definitely cleanse periodically. If you are a heavy drinker, we recommend that you give yourself at least 3 day break from alcohol before starting a cleanse. We strictly warn against drinking alcohol just before a cleanse due to the natural dehydrated state of the body after consuming alcohol. Abstain from alcohol for a few days, hydrate with water and then begin your cleanse. 

Can I exercise while I am on the cleanse?

Most definitely!  As long as you listen your body. We recommend low-impact activities like walking, swimming, stretching and yoga. Exercise is a great way to help your body with detoxification. 

Can I chew gum?

Chewing gum is not advised. Chewing gum activates you saliva glands and tends to make people feel hungry even when they are not. If you feel that you must chew, chew on fresh cloves without swallowing to satisfy the urge and freshen your breath at the same time.

Where will I get my protein and iron from while on the cleanse?

There are naturally occurring proteins as well as iron from the leafy greens in our juices. Not to mention we incorporate a nut milk as a nighttime drink with loads of protein. You will also get a significant amount of iron from our delicious beet juice. Most are unaware that kale per calorie has as much protein as a steak.

Will i lose weight from doing the cleanse?

Yes, if followed correctly, the cleanse will help you lose unwanted weight. Anything you lose during a cleanse is largely water weight and toxins but honestly, if we begin to fit into clothes that we once pushed to the back of the closet, do we care whether it's weight and inches from toxins or some other weight. The scale certainly can't tell the difference. Once you begin to integrate solid foods again, your weight will return to its regular state IF you continue with bad habits. However, if you have conducted the cleanse as prescribed, you will notice that your cravings for sugar and high fat foods have diminished greatly or even disappeared. Most clients no longer have the caffeine and processed morning carb cravings that they once had. During this cleanse you should feel so amazing and light that your mind begins to shift from putting bad foods into it towards eating more clean.  The RAW Bliss Life cleanse is intended to put you on track for healthy weight management.  It is a great way to begin a shift in your dietary habits if you want to lose additional weight. 

Will I be hungry?

Our cleanse is designed to provide you with all the nutrients you will need to get through your day. With this in mind, it is important to begin to recognize the difference between hunger and emptiness. Hunger is a need for nourishment and you will be thoroughly nourished on the cleanse. Emptiness is a feeling in your stomach. Since your body will not be heavily digesting meats and processed carbs you may become acquainted with abs that thought had vanished. Some say the empty feeling in the stomach causes the light and elevated mood cleansers feel when they are in the home stretch of the cleanse. Again listen to your body. If you feel too much emptiness and it is too uncomfortable for you eat a few slices of cucumber or vegetable with a high water content and drink an herbal tea. Incorporate relaxing activities into your routine during a cleanse like walking in nature, reading, taking baths and massage to quiet the noise and psychological programming of having to eat food (mostly bad food) 24 hours a day.

Does it matter if I drink the juices out of order?

Yes, we ask that you drink them in our suggested order but it is your choice. If you have cleansed with us several times and want to experiment in your own order feel free to do so. 

What are some detox symptoms i will experience?

Some people experience mild headache, especially those who consume caffeine. Every cleanse and cleanser is different, but slight fatigue, light headedness, and mild nausea are all normal by-products typically of caffeine withdrawal. After all, caffeine is a drug and like anyone who stops consuming caffeine, the body begins to purge itself and become healthier producing these symptoms. If you feel as though your symptoms are unbearable then please stop the cleanse immediately and begin post cleanse activities detailed with your order. Most detox symptoms are a good sign that you are actually detoxing and ridding the body of toxins and can be eased with a simple herbal tea and rest. 

How should i store my juices?

Your juices need to be refrigerated at all times. A cooler bag and few ice packs would be sufficient for cleansing on the go or at work.

Doesn't the body detox on its own?

Our bodies have their own means of healing and detoxification. However, we are constantly exposed to air pollution, all sorts of chemical sprays, vehicle exhaust, poor food and artificial ingredients, alcohol and cigarette smoke to name a few. We compromise our systems and in turn the bodies ability to detoxify itself without some help becomes non-existent. Most people with relatively average weight for their height but who carry a large midsection are basically carrying around toxicity in their bodies and storing it in the form of impacted fecal matter in the colon. Carrying these poisons year after year can cause malfunction of organs and eventually disease. We should definitely help our bodies nature's way, through regular juice cleansing.